Voyage to Nowhere

C.J. Carter-Stephenson

Originally published in The Fifth Di..., September 2013.

A mechanical beast,
In the void of space,
Seal sleek scout-ship
Back from its mission.
Firing its boosters,
It throws itself clear -
Clear from the clutches
Of a fiery explosion.
Battered and buffeted
Like a leaf in a cyclone,
It battles bravely
To make its escape.
The instruments screech,
The inhabitants scream;
Their planet is no more
And they don't know why.

A blazing light
Is all that they see
As they stare in horror
Through the pearly portholes;
It burns their eyes,
But they can't look away -
Their faces stay pressed
To the oblivious glass.
Then comes the debris
In a mercurial wave -
The shattered shell
Of an egg fragile world.
It hits them hard,
Scarring their ship
And yet they survive
Against the odds.

The storm subsides
And all is quiet -
The stifling silence
Of non-sentient space.
A people's womb
Has been torn apart
And the crew are left
With nowhere to go.
No habitable haven
Lies within reach;
Wherever they fly,
They fly to their doom.
So a lustful trio
Defile a fair victim -
In the face of death,
Morals take flight.

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