The Ritual

C.J. Carter-Stephenson

Originally published in Harlequin, Issue 11.

The moon was an orb of incandescent glory.
The ceremony began, filling me with its fury.
I ran like the wind in the midst of the hunt,
Until the power of the god brought me to the front.
I reached a clearing by a shimmering lake
And sighted the stag, whose life I was to take.
The mighty beast stood in the depths of the trees,
And understanding passed between us on the wings of the breeze.

I awoke from the clutches of a profound slumber
And was overcome by an indescribable wonder.
I was in a dark cave, filled with memories of the past;
Uncomfortably intimate, yet overwhelmingly vast.
I had no memory of how I came to be there,
No notion of the experience I was about to share.
Not a sound disturbed the serenity of the night
As I awaited the start of the second rite.

You came to me as the goddess, hallowed and divine;
The mother of the earth, for now and all time.
Your beauty humbled me, it made me feel base,
I longed to be enfolded in your celestial embrace!
When I touched you with a trembling hand,
It was as if I became as one with the land.
Could it have been sacrilege against your sacred trust?
Was it consecrated love or plain infernal lust?

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