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A note from the author...

This webpage is the official online home of Bloodlust Variations. As the writer of the book, I would like to bid you welcome and thank you for your interest. Set out below is some information about the book and the writing process, together with the official trailer. You can even purchase your own copy if you feel so inclined. Enjoy your stay and be sure to keep checking back for updates and offers....

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About the Book

Here for the first time is the collected vampire fiction and poetry of C.J. Carter-Stephenson – six variations on the vampire theme, bound together by their protagonists’ burning lust for blood.

A disembodied spirit fighting to be reunited with his vampiric body… Two vampires braving the wilderness of space in search of a new home… A vampire with no recollection of his mortal life…

All this and more you will find in these pages. Sometimes sensual, but always deadly, these dark denizens of the night are waiting to infiltrate your dreams. Drink deeply of their adventures and they will open your eyes to the darkness inside yourself, but be warned, there will be blood. For the blood is the life and they are always hungry for it.

Available in print and Kindle format.

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Official Trailer

View the official trailer here...

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A few of the books which inspired Bloodlust Variations...

'In a Glass Darkly' Cover.
'Dracula' Cover.
'The Selected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe' Cover.
'Melmoth the Wanderer' Cover.
'Collected Ghost Stories' Cover.
'Lady Audley’s Secret' Cover.
'The Woman in White' Cover.
'The Monk' Cover.
'The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories' Cover.
'Interview With the Vampire' Cover.
'Maupassant - Selected Short Stories' Cover.
'The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories' Cover.

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Here are some words from the author about how he approaches his writing... "I am one of those writers who likes to jot a story down on paper before typing it out. This allows me to work on it pretty much anywhere, while also forcing me to review it later in laborious detail. Please see below for some examples of my handwritten work for In the Beginning, one of the stories in Bloodlust Variations. They are shamefully untidy, I'm afraid, but they do give some insight into my writing process."

Handwritten page from 'In the Beginning'.
Handwritten page from 'In the Beginning'.
Handwritten page from 'In the Beginning'.
Handwritten character profile from 'In the Beginning'.

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If you have purchased a copy of Bloodlust Variations and would like it signed, feel free to send it to the author at the following address:

c/o Bonito Books, Unit 60424, PO Box 6945, London, W1A 6US, United Kingdom

Please ensure you enclose a stamped addressed envelope, as items without one cannot be returned.

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